August 16, 2016

Front Montgomery Bio

pic-15-black-and-whiteFront is a Thai-American international supermodel, businesswomen, and “A List” actress with countless roles in television, theater, and movies. Beginning her career as a top runway model she has also been the face and body for worldwide brands such as Coca-Cola, Wimbledon, Ponds, Wacoal, and Benetton, among others. She has appeared in over 100 Television series and specials as an actress or celebrity over the past 20 years. Front has been featured on the cover of countless magazines, profile publications and theatrical release films. Front moved to the United States in 2011 with her daughter Leonie Montgomery and formed Front Montgomery International, an import/export company.

Front Montgomery
Born Florence Montgomery
12 April 1971
Rayong, Thailand
Occupation Model, Actress
Front Montgomery (Thai: ฟร้อนท์ มอนท์โกเมอรี๋; born 12 April, 1971 born in Rayong, Thailand )

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An Amazing Interview With Front Montgomery:

My name is Florence Montgomery but I’m known as  Front Montgomery in Thailand.

My work consist of commercials, Magazine Modeling, Runway Modeling, TV Series and Dramas, Sitcoms, Theatrical Stage Shows, Movies, Game Shows and  TV Host

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Have you performed outside the Thailand before, and if so how does “In Front of View” differ?

“In Front of View” is unlike anything I have ever even imagined doing. It is a full 360 degree Virtual Reality travel show where Leonie and I literally transport you to the places and experiences we have together. Our viewers can see all around, above, and below us as if they were actually right in Front of us. They get a Front row seat!  So that is absolutely different from modeling and TV series. It is produced by ReelTime VR one of the leading technological and content pioneers in Virtual Reality. It is truly a new emerging media that is causing the largest shift in how information and entertainment is  consumed. Some places we have been to and would like to share it with our viewers and there are also places that are going to be totally new for both of us but we are going to let you see it as if it was “ In Front of (You) View” .

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Thinking back to early childhood, what was your first experience with acting for the first time like?

My first commercial was a super surprise to me that I just froze when I saw all the cameras at my face and people telling me what to say (script) . I just froze till they gave up  (laughs). That was really my first time but after that it seemed to be my destiny . It all came natural to me.

If I remember correctly my first job was a stand in for Milo. I would be the girl that dived into the pool and swam to the other end of the pool, but when the girl popped up, it was a Thai girl. I was a pretty good swimmer for a girl less than  10 years old in my days. And I guess being half Thai half American wasn’t what they actually wanted as a face for their commercials then. (Smiles) How did I feel? Hmmmm…. It was a lot of fun. Because I got to swim, which I truly enjoyed, and being able to work while having fun was an amazing experience . So I thought I’d just keep on doing it.

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What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in show business?

My step mother actually enlisted me in CD modeling agency in Thailand for she was also working with them. That is where I started with most of my commercials , commercial Ad posters , magazine Ads , and a movie. Being called in for casting during my school years became a very normal thing in my life then.

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How did you become involved in TV series ?

After being a model I guess you keep on moving up the steps . So from modeling I had my first Theatrical Stage Show at 22 years old and then the next thing I knew I was contacted for the first TV series with Channel 3 the following year.

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If you had to describe your work  in three or four words, what would you call it?

Amazingly Fun Memorable Times

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How long have you been performing ?

Wow….ummmm since my early years at about 7 . Long enough that it became a part of my life .

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What do you think your “biggest break” or “greatest opportunity” has been so far in your career?

Every single job I had seemed like a stepping stone all along the way and meant a lot to me and  my career. For modeling I think being on the cover of Kaew magazine changed the look of me as a model and made me a sexy star. Then in show business I think I started to become more  known in my part of a dracula in a doll’s body with the series Mae Nak Pra Nakorn. It was a comedy and wherever I went people would call me Choo .the  name of the character I played. Since it was a comedy I felt very comfortable playing the part for I felt like it came naturally and I read every single page of the scripts of everyone. The director even teased me that I seemed like I was reading getting ready for an exam. But it played out . I was known.

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Art & Music has an impact on both young and old.  Everyone loves a celebrity, so what advice do you have for the youth of today?

It’ll probably sound like a mommy advice  but I would say to do your best in school 12 years isn’t that long, not only will you make your parents  and everyone around you proud but you will be proud of yourself for your hard work too. Go to college and choose the major of your dreams for when you start working, like I teach my daughter, do what makes you happy but at the same time will make you money. Live happy and not be a burden to yourself and others. Love yourself and let the love spill out till you can share the love with everyone else around you. Life is an adventure so make it worth the trip.

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Did your family support you in your choice of career?

Yes ! They were all very supportive .

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Thinking back, did your family carry on the same artistic interests?

Only my eldest sister. She was in a few Ad commercials and also a movie. But she finally decided it wasn’t what she wanted and continued in her own path.

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What are your long-term career goals as an artist now?

After giving it a break for five years I actually think I am ready to jump back in front of the camera and this time I’m not doing it alone, I’m tagging my daughter, Leonie, along with me in this show . I would like to see my daughter and I able to do things that we enjoy together as a family,  explore the world  and at the same time being able to share our adventures with everyone.

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What did you do before you got into the modeling  industry?

I was just a  regular student going to school .

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When things seem to go negatively at times, how do you turn things into something positive? Have you ever had to deal with  “negative publicity” ?  If so, how did you handle it?

I think positively and find reason with each thing that happened .

When they would write gossip news that nothing happened like they said at all . I would have to just believe that people who know me know better that none of that is true and  and the people that are sincere will actually ask rather than just believe in whatever they read in gossip news.

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Is there a slogan that you have and repeated to yourself in times that were hard  what was  that slogan ?

There are times when I wonder , why do some people feel that way about me or why do they think that way about me. Some people don’t even know me or have never spent time with me. Some people just read and think that those news are real when they have no truth in it at all. Stuff that makes you feel sad and down about why some people can be so negative and you just don’t know why and what can you do about it .So finally I found my answer to this and every time this situation occurs I just think that

” You cannot CHANGE how other people want to feel or think about you,for it is in THEIR mind and heart, but you certainly can CHANGE  the way you feel or think of a certain situation  because it is in YOUR mind and heart.” (So be positive and let the negative be with them )

And move on with life because there are a lot of better things to do then to dwell with people and situations  you can’t change.

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As an artist, how would you define SUCCESS?

Being able to do what you love and make other people love what you do . Success comes when you go to places around the world and know that your fans recognize you  and that you are remembered in many good ways.

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Is this your first online interview or do you have some other articles/stories about you posted somewhere for public viewing?

Yes , this is probably my first online interview but there certainly are articles of me posted for public viewing but mostly in Thai.

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Is there anyone special you would like to thank for making your dream come true as an artist?

I would definitely like to thank my family for supporting me and believing in me. And everyone along the way CD Modeling who started me out , every single magazine , runway, tv shows and every single job I did out there. I really appreciate everyone that I have worked with and worked for because without the people behind the scenes there would have never been a Front Montgomery . You guys are my hero’s . Thank you being a part of my life and  my precious memories. And of course thank you to ReelTime VR for creating such a compelling new media and for believing in me and my daughter Leonie Montgomery.

Some places we have been to and would like to share it with our viewers and there are also places that are going to be totally new for both of us but we are going to let you see it as if it was “ In Front of (You) View” and of course in back and all around you.

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Front was born in the province of Rayong, Thailand and grew up in the city of Bangkok. Her father James
was in the Airforce based in U-Tapao,Thailand and married her mom Aroon, Thai.
She has 2 elder sisters Oradee and Linda and one daughter Leonie.
In 1978, at the age of 7, Front joined CD Modeling Agency and started with several commericals which
went onto her teen years such as Milo, poster shoot for Coca Cola, Ponds ad,Wacoal, Yo most yogurt etc.
In 1985 she had her first magazine cover shoot for Kataleeya magazine and two years after that in 1987
she had her first runway fashion show with Pena House. Front then had a chance in her first theatrical
stage play at the age of 22 in 1993 with the show called  Tomorrow I shall find my dream (พรุ่งน้ีฉันจะหาฝัน).
And in 1994, age 23, she started her first TV series with Channel 3   Dreams of Boonma  (ความฝันของบุณมา) .
Front attended grade school at Ruamrudee International School and Graduated from International School
of Bangkok in 1990.
Personal life[edit]
Front has an only daughter with her ex-husband Krish Hiranpruek named Leonie Montgomery.
TV dramas
1994 Kwam Fun Kong Boonma (ความฝันของบุณมา)
1995 Kue Hattha Krong Pipop (คือหัตถาครองพิภพ)
Mayatawan (มายาตวัน)
1996 Mae Nark Pra Nakorn (แม่นาคพระนคร)
Mongkoot Dok Som (มงกุฎดอกส้ม)
1997 Jum Luey Ruk(จ าเลยรัก)
Insree Daeng (อินทรีแดง)
Por Krua Hua Pa (พ่อครัวหัวป่ า)
Taddao Bussaya (ทัดดาวบุษยา)
Niramit (นิรมิต)
Amnaj (อ านาจ)
1998 Kanuengha (คนึงหา)
Chuanfun Panun Ruk (ชวนฝันพนันรัก)
1999 Sapan Dao (สะพานดาว)
2000 Sao Chai Huajai Chicago (สาวใช้หัวใจชิคาโก )
2001 Ngao Prisana (เงาปริศนา)pic-7
2003 Sua (เสือ)
2004 Tareeboonga (ตารีบุหงา)
Sod Samosorn: Baan Nee Mai Mee Malang
(โสดสโมสร ตอน:บ้านนี้ไม่มีแมลง)
2006 Ruk Lok Lok Ya Bok Krai (รักหลอกๆอย่าบอกใคร)
2007 Wiwa Olawaeng (วิวาห์อลเวง)
Year Title
1981 The Guide
1997 18 Rains Dangerous People(18 ฝนคนอันตราย)
2009 Death Wave
2010 The Little Thing Called Love (สิ่งเลก็ๆทื่เรียกว่ารัก)
2011 Bangkok Revenge